About Our Company

The economy in Indonesia has shown significant growth during the last few decades Indonesia is one of the largest coal producers and exporters in the world When it exceeded Australian production, Indonesia became an exporter at the forefront of thermal coal. A significant portion of exported thermal coal comprises of the medium quality type (between 51 00 and 6100 kcal/kg above and the low quality type (below 5100 kcal/kg) most of the demand comes from China and India Based on information submitted by the Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral, Indonesia's coal reserves are estimated to be depleted approximately in the next 83 years if current production levels are continued.

Related with global coal reserves, Indonesia is currently ranked 9 th with approximately 2 2 of total proven Global Coal Reserves based on BP Statistical Review of World Energy About 60 of total Coal Reserves in Indonesia consists of cheaper, lower quality (sub bituminous) coal which contains less than 6100 kcal/gram. There are many kinds of coal reserves, small ones are found on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua However the three regions with the largest coal reserves in Indonesia are Sumatra South, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan PT LUSTROUS MINERAL COMMODITIES.

By reviewing the potential available natural resources in 2020 PT LUSTROUS MINERAL COMMODITIES is starting to find its inner shape run their business and concentrate more on trade, potential results of natural resources from coal mining and contractor in coal mining development.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become Indonesia's greatest coal mining company by focusing on building up supply and demand rate through development of competent employees, strong financial performance, economic turnover profit rate that is robust and solid.

Our missions are:

  • To build quality human resources
  • To invest and participate in supplying coal commodities in Indonesia's local or foreign export country
  • To manage operational costs mining effectively build strong relationships with business partners, finance, and the community
  • To Be a responsible company that supports community development and implementing governance practices, and good company management